Thursday, December 7, 2017

Dress Up Days

 to Wear Your Pajamas to school for the Polar Express Party Friday Dec. 15th!
No Slippers Please! 
Also no pillows, blankets or stuffed toys!

Please be sure to wear GREEN for Grinch Day…Monday December 18th!

Friday, November 17, 2017

We're All Wonders!

Today we read this book We're All Wonders because children were super excited about the new WONDER movie coming out!  We will work more on activities to go along with this book next week!  Have your child tell you why he or she is a WONDER or UNIQUE!

Balloons Over Broadway

Hundreds Chart

Yesterday we learned more about the Hundreds Chart! 
 Click on the picture above to hear a great song about it!

Frames and Arrows Video

More frames and arrows!  
Click on the picture above for a good video!

Thanksgiving Books

Thanksgiving Books

Here are just a few of the many wonderful Thanksgiving books!  
Have a great time reading these together!

No School Wednesday November 22nd

There will not be school 
WEDNESDAY November 22nd! 

 Enjoy the Thanksgiving Break 
with your family and friends!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Halloween, Pictures and Ear Buds

Just a reminder that our Halloween Party is Tuesday! The children may bring their costumes in a separate bag to change into for our party. The children may also wear masks that are not scary. They will change out of their costumes before recess and put them in their separate bag to ensure they do not get lost. Because the children showed so much interest in our map of the USA...We will begin learning a bit about the different states of the united states. The children will research different states during the Daily Five. If possible, please send in a picture of your child in a different state. Please label the state on the back! We will pin each state we have been to and hang the picture up in the classroom. Finally, If you are able to send in earbuds clearly marked with your child's name on them he or she may use these while using the ipads instead of sharing headphones! Thanks so much! Jana

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Halloween Party 2017

This year we will have our Halloween Party from 10:40-11:40 am on Tuesday, October 31st.  The children will be moving around the room working on several different activities and playing games.  Then the class will eat the Halloween snacks together!  Below are the items needed for this year’s party.  Please find your child’s student number and send in the item next to his/her number by Friday, October 27th or Tuesday the 31st if perishable.  If you are unable to send in the item please let us know as soon as possible so we can make other arrangements.  Thank you in advance for your donations!
Please fill out the bottom portion of this paper and send it back to school if you wish to help in the classroom during our party.  Please know that you will be heading a game or activity!

1.   One bag of orange cheese cubes
2.    One bag of orange cheese cubes
3.   One bag of orange cheese cubes
4.   One bag of small carrots
5.   One bag of small carrots
6.  One bag of small carrots
7.  Purple grapes
8.  Purple grapes
9.  Purple grapes
 Numbers 1-9:  Please send in on the day of the party due to lack of refrigeration!
10.  One box of cheese-its
11.  One box of cheese-its
12.  One box of cheese-its
13.  One bag of small pretzels
14.  One bag of small pretzels
15.  One bag of small pretzels
16.  24 or more Halloween paper plates
17.  24 or more Halloween napkins
18.  One bag of candy corn
19.  One bag of candy corn
20.  One bag of tootsie rolls (prizes)
21.  One bag of dumdums (prizes)
22.  One bag of individually wrapped bubble gums (prizes)
23.  One bag of chocolate candies NUT FREE PLEASE (prizes)

Student Name: ________________            Parent Name: _____________________

_____YES!  I would love to help with a game or an activity during the party and have already filled out a criminal history form!  

Volunteers please arrive at 10:30 to help set up the games and activities.  

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Selling Hurricanes

The children are doing an amazing job selling hurricanes!  
They have sold nearly 100 hurricanes!  I am picking up the last batch tonight! 

Please tell your friends and family and lets sell them all!!!  

THANK YOU for all of your help! 

If you are able to sell hurricanes Tuesday or Wednesday next week or even Thursday this week please let me know!  

The children are LOVING this project!!!