Friday, March 8, 2019

March News

Welcome March!  

We will continue out Unit 7 lessons.  We will learn about fact families, fact triangles and making 10.  Below is a short video explaining the fact families.  To watch simply click on the house!

We will continue working on our personal narratives.  What AMAZING writers we have in first grade!  We read Big Mama and observed how the author stretched the story our for an entire book writing little things that happened on each page!  Below is another book that shows how to stretch out a story.  

The children are working on using their HUNKS AND CHUNKS to figure out tricky words.  We are also talking a lot about the characters in the stories and what the author wanted the reader to learn.  Keep reading at home.  Books will come home nightly this week!  

Social Studies
We will be learning about SCHOOLS LONG AGO this week.  I love this unit and can't wait to show the children what school used to be like!

Volunteers needed for the PTO carnival.  Please contact the PTO if you are able to help! 

Monday, November 19, 2018

WorldBook Website

World Book Website

Storyline Online Website

San Diego Zoo 

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Decibella and her 6-inch voice

We will read this book and use it to help remind us of what kind of voice to use when!  
Click above to hear the story!

August Pack Goal...Respect

Our August Pack Goal is Respect!  
Click the picture above to see a great video about respect!
5 ways to show respect

Friday, August 17, 2018


I will be using Seesaw as the only form of communication this school year! 

Please sign up using the QR code you will receive at open house! 

This is a wonderful form of communication and will help you see what is happening in the classroom!

A Peek at the First Day

Welcome to FIRST GRADE!  I am so excited to meet all of you!  Below are a few things you need to know for the first day of school!  Please check this blog often to see what's happening in the classroom. :) Mrs. Jilek-Wolfe

Please come to the open house on August 22th from 6-7:30!
As a mother of 3 I know that the first day of school can be very scary for some!  Please read this with your child to let him or her know what will happen.  This may reduce some of the stress!

1.  When you arrive to school on the bus you will walk off the bus and into the school right to the classroom.  If you are not sure where to go please find a teacher outside.  That teacher will walk you to the classroom.   Please put all of your things in front of your locker and come on into the classroom!
If you are getting dropped off by your mom or dad please walk down to the classroom!
You can give mom and dad a hug goodbye, put everything you have in front of your locker and come right in!

2. Be sure to show me the name tag mom and dad made for you with your name, my name and your bus number or pick up or kids kare on the front.  I will write down what bus you are to take home or if you are getting picked up or going to kids kare. 

3.  You will play with Legos and color. We will wait for our entire class to arrive and then we will gather our things and practice walking into the building and go into our classroom.  I will show you how to get there the first day.  On the second day I will stand outside the classroom and you will come to see me.  Don't worry...we will practice this on the first day!  There is also a video about this on the tabs above labeled VIDEOS!

4.  When we get into the classroom you meet me at the class meeting  carpet I will show you how to pick your seat and then have .  I will show you what to do each morning when you get to school and where to put all of your things.  

You do not need to bring any school supplies, but PLEASE bring a lunch or lunch money and 2 healthy snacks.  If you would like to bring a water bottle with a pop top (no twist tops to avoid spilling) you may bring that and keep it on your desk.

5.  You will put your lunch and snack on the top shelf of your locker when I tell you to and hang up your backpack in your locker.  After that we will meet again at the carpet and get ready to have some fun.

6.  We will get to know each other, go out for recess, read a book, do a project and meet with the entire first grade to go over our class rules!  They are...
  • listen when the teacher is talking
  • follow directions quickly
  • raise your hand for permission to speak
  • respect yourself, respect others, respect your school
  • be safe, be honest
  • keep your dear teacher happy
7.  It will then be time for recess and lunch.  You will go out for recess with the playground helpers.  Then when you come in you will wash your hands and get your lunch from the top shelf of your locker or simply line up at the end of the hall if you are buying.  When you go into the lunch room you will sit down and eat or line up to get your lunch.  I will pick you up from the lunchroom after I walk and eat!

8.  We will take a bathroom break and then head back to the classroom for more fun!  After writing we will go to specials (gym or art or computers or music). After that, we you will get your yellow folder.  This folder is very important and should be brought back to school EVERY DAY!  We will then have snack and recess and finally work on social studies and science.

9.  It will then be time to go home.  We will line up at the door.  One line for pick ups and one for busses.  Don't will have bus buddies for the first few weeks of school!

I hope this helps.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  You can email me at

Can't wait to meet you!  Mrs. Jilek-Wolfe

    When you walk into our classroom, you are going to notice that it looks a little different.   You will see that instead of desks and chairs, there are soft chairs, stability balls, stools, ottomans, low tables, yoga mats and more.  You will also notice that something is missing.  The missing piece is your child’s desk.  

            I have been researching flexible seating for awhile now and decided it was time to give it a try.  The research shows so many positives using flexible seating.  Here are just a few examples of why this alternative seating is successful...

1.      helps students attention spans which results in higher achievement

2.      makes students more actively engaged in the classroom

3.      gives them an active outlet without disrupting their learning

4.      makes them more physically fit

5.      motivates students to want to come to school

6.      helps those with ADHD and Autism, along with other special needs

7.      helps develop a sense of community among the students which improves their social skills

8.      helps them to become independent learners

9.      is LOVED by the students and teacher

  This flexible seating method will allow your child to do their BEST learning.  For example, I do my best work sitting in a soft chair at a desk. My husband works best laying on the couch with a laptop. Children are no different.  Just like children have different learning styles, they have different physical needs when it comes to learning.  

Monday, May 7, 2018



Stock up on books and a good series for summer reading! You can order for siblings too!

Order Online!



Mr. Moore sent out a detailed letter about this fun event. Please go back and reread it if you'd like to participate.


Over the next two weeks, we will be taking the NWEA and I will be DRA testing as well. Please make sure your child is getting plenty of rest and eating a good breakfast each day. School attendance and punctuality are very important too! Thank you!


Last year we had such a wonderful response from families helping with the garden. Please sign up to help again this year! We will need many helping hands to keep the garden thriving through the summer months!


Our final field trip will be Monday May 14th to the Howell Public Library!  We will be boarding the bus at 9:05! It will be a quick and informative trip!